i moved my shop... and other news.

hi! i know it's been an eternity. not because i'm not crafting, but because i haven't been as inspired to do craft blogging. this won't be much of an update. but here goes:

~ most important: i have moved my shop from etsy to bigcartel. check me out!
~ i've started making perfume oils. they're awesome. sold on bigcartel.
~ i still hate vending. don't ask me why.
~ i am looking for folks to invest in my business, to help me with supplies, etc. can you donate label design? can you donate containers? packaging? leave me a comment here or send an email to dopegrrrlfresh[at]gmail[dot]com.
~ i'm making a foray into body butters. hard core. stay tuned. :)


the store is open!

i kinda forgot to tell y'all that.

soon come: more smellgoods for you & your boo.



the etsy store is down until the rebirthday.

new look
new products
new attitude

come here for updates or email me.

also, a relaunch for this very blog!



i'm moving into a new place in 2 weeks.
i am determined to pack my craft stuff last.

we'll see how that goes.

soon come: vending. at arts garage. somewhere, maybe in brooklyn. stay tuned! leave a comment below or email me (dopegrrrlfresh(at)gmail(dot)com) to make sure you get on my mailing list!


i have a renewed feeling

about crafting.
i'm clearing spaces, trying new stuff, and not letting myself be discouraged by the # of sales i've had. vending is coming up!
and, speaking of vending: i went to habana outpost to see some sights & to motivate me to vend there this summer. i met some lovely ladies who make a customizable apparel line called greeteez. of course, i think the idea kicks ass. of course, i think i'm gonna talk to them so i can maybe fashion myself some dope girl fresh tee shirts. :D crystal & alisa (if you're reading, i know i didn't spell that right. but i'm too lazy to find your card in my bag) were really sweet. i love the fact that they're offering ppl a chance to be creative fully on their own -- in this age of customized clothing (like neighborhoodies, custom painted kicks, etc.) i think it's rare to find a situation where the consumer is an integral part of the creative process. like, you have the option to make a shirt just for good hair days, shirts for graduation day, party favor shirts & probably a grip of things that have not even crossed my mind. so, YAY, greeteez!


the roadway to hell is paved with good intentions

aka: why it doesn't matter what anyone tells me.

because this is my journey, and advice doesn't have to be taken -- simply considered
because my creative process is sacred to me and it means much more than creating something to get paid from
because i love learning from my mistakes and living via trial & error
because i'm the captain of this ship -- the most high gives me the divine spark, and i take it from there
because i'm too fly to worry about what everyone else wants me to do
because if folks were as attentive toward their own creative endeavors, they'd find themselves TOO BUSY to care about mine

i speak positivity over my situation. this process is one by which i am learning & growing. i take chances, i calculate risks, and i try new things all to my benefit.


the frustrations of a crafter with big aspirations.


i don't ever set out to defame or denounce someone else's products. but i used something from a certain cosmetic chain -- it was gifted to me by a dear, dear friend -- & i just knew i'd be cool with it. i just knew i wouldn't itch or break out. wrong. the bath thing i used has laureth-4 (a surfactant/ dispersant) in it, as well as the ever-ambiguous (and ubiquitous) 'perfume.' i found this page & i was amazed at the information i read. i don't ever want to use products that are widely-known comedogens or irritants. foaming agents are not necessary to me, and the last thing i want is to find that i've created a product that defeats the purpose of my entire creative process.

but it's hard. i know people are sometimes dazzled by packaging and foaming action, but i'm not willing to do it if i know i'll be causing nasty allergic reactions. that being said, i'm always open to trying new stuff. i've experimented with natural cosmetic-grade ingredients to produce coloration and i'm currently looking into ways to add shimmer without using some crazy hard to pronounce chemical name that doubles as car wax or some mess. it's hard to avoid feeling like i have to compete with the big names in this (carol's daughter, lush, the body shop, & even the cookie cutter stores like bath & body works) in order to get noticed. at the same time, i know the difference lies in showing folks that there's yet still an alternative. it's difficult. i just wanna make my stuff, sell it to folks, & have enough time/ money left over to buy new supplies.

i'm making it. step by step . . .